Tuesday, April 2, 2019

P Chidambaram's Rebuttal To Accusation Of Splitting UP Alliance Votebank

That the Congress proceed to contest all the seats in Uttar Pradesh would eat into the votes of this Mayawati-Akhilesh Yadav unite and wind up damaging the alliance over the BJP. The Congress is facing similar allegations in Kerala after party leader Rahul Gandhi chose to competition from Wayanad because his next chair after Amethi. The nation's ruling Left Front has contested if the Congress is combating the BJP or the CPM.
It wasn't that the Congress's decision to keep from this alliance, it had been the 2 leaders that chose to keep out the party, '' he explained.

"I "After they turned us down, what was that the Congress party designed to perform? Pack up and depart UP? Can we do this? We can not."

The Congress, he said, could win or lose,"but the votes we garner can not be described as eating in to your tally," he explained.

After Mayawati and Akhilesh Yadav had declared their partnership a month, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had declared that his party wouldn't play the backfoot. "I have enormous respect for the leaders of the BSP and Samajwadi Party, and recognise they have the right to do exactly what they need. It is on us to fortify the Congress party in Uttar Pradesh, and we'll struggle to our entire capacity," Mr Gandhi had stated.

However, As the celebration declared plans to competition all of 80 seats in the country - considered that the best technique for judgment at the center -- there were worries that it may cut to the non-BJP votebank and play into the hands of the BJP.

Samajwadi Party - that have its own core support base largely one of the Muslims and the backward castes -- have disregarded the chance. The Congress, they've contended, is more inclined to cut to the top caste voter foundation the BJP has from the country, they stated.
The 2014 nationwide elections. The Samajwadi Party had won five chairs. The Congress, that hasn't been in power from the nation since the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, kept just Amethi and Raebareli -- both


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