Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Open To Stitching Alliances: Rahul Gandhi On Possible Tie-Up With AAP In Delhi

Delhi, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said that his party was receptive to stitching alliances throughout the nation and has been"very flexible" about the problem.
"There is not any confusion about this. The situation is really quite clear with this particular issue. We've constructed alliances.

"We Have already been open to build alliances and we've completed it across the nation. We're extremely flexible with this matter," he told reporters when asked about the Congress' stance alone on its own alliance in Delhi.

He denied that Congres has

"We Possess a alliance in Bihar, we've got an alliance in Jharkhand, we've got an alliance in Tamil Nadu, we've got an alliance in Maharashtra, therefore, I don't understand where you're getting (this). .which news papers you're studying, however, so much as I could see we've alliances throughout the nation," he said while denying reports about Congress struggling to form friendships in many states.

A feeling of doubt has shrouded the Congress Alliance with AAP at Delhi and also the celebration has made it to Rahul Gandhi to have a decision in this respect.

The Congress had previously decided to go it alone and has also begun the process of finalising its applicants for Delhi.

The celebration unit in Delhi is split on the matter with a section for and another against an alliance.

The Celebration was dilly-dallying on the problem and hasn't managed to shoot or announce its choice in this respect. A meeting of leading party leaders in this respect was held today on the problem.

Delhi Congress The assembly, which lasted for about 20 minutes was attended by AICC responsible for Delhi PC Chacko.

The AAP was criticising the


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